Due to larger and larger demands of customers in boreholes implementation (tolerance of boreholes, quality of surfaces), development and use of different deep hole-drilling procedures with different systems of drilling, has become one of indispensable processing procedures in metal processing industry.

Advantages of deep hole-drilling:

  • Optimal work regimes
  • Good quality of boreholes, considering the tolerance of diameter, quality of surfaces and geometric accuracy of shapes
  • Good conditions for cooling and lubricating
  • High accuracy of run-out
  • It replaces more steps of the work procedure, for example pre-drilling, redrilling etc. with one single procedure of “deep hole drilling”
  • Processing of materials that are difficult to process
  • Large drilling depths in one cycle of drilling (up to 250mm diameter)
  • Continuous and not complicated removal of chips

Positive characteristics demand:

  • Stable implementation of machines
  • Adequate devices for cooling and filtration
  • Use of modern machine elements
  • Steering technique with functions of tool supervision