The Standard program consists of production of three types of machines, that enable drilling from 2-65 mm diameter of holes in the full. Depending on the system of drilling and supplementary requirements, the machines can be modified according to the needs and wishes of the customer. The machines are mostly intended for rotary workpieces, as they enable rotation in reverse direction of the workpiece for bigger level of boreholes exactitude. Modification with coordinate table enables processing of also smaller cubic workpieces.

Technical data

Type    TBM 15 TBM 30    TBM 60   
Drilling system   ELB ELB, BTA BTA
Drilling in full Φ mm 2-15 6-30 16-65
Redrilling Φ mm max. 20 max. 60 max. 150
Depth of drilling mm Up to 1000 Up to 2000 Up to 10m
Power of drive kW 5,5 22 37
Number of spindle revolutions continuously variable 1/min 1000-12000 473-6000 125-2400
Movement of drilling Mm/min. 1-1000 1-1000/ 2500 1-500/ 2500
Fast pace m/min. 30 25 25
Diameter of workpiece Mm 500 500 500