Developed as an answer for demands for bigger and better flexibility of machines, minimal space requirements and shorter cycle times resulted in the development of the new machine, type FPZ – Flexible Processing Cell.

Strong competition with processing centers the concept of the machine which offers the integration of auxiliary time into the technological time of processing.

Reliable performance and technical solutions offer a lot of advantages:

  • Time between two processing procedures is shorter than 1 second (tp < 1 sec)
  • Fast removal of chips during dry processing (top mounted clamping device) 
  • Modular system of upgrading the processing units
  • Flexibility of the machine
  • »pick-up« clamping of workpiece
  • Possible processing from five different sides
  • Possible simultaneous four-axis processing
  • Spindle with clamping device for the workpiece vertically
  • Compact construction as a whole unit
  • Simple connection into a system

Our own development and manufacturing of flexible processing cell FPZ-250 ensures:

  • Cycle time of processing is in average 30 % shorter compared to the processing centers
  • Fewer operations of the machines are needed
  • Switch over of the workpieces with a change of clamping device,
  • At small-scale production it is possible to save on one ore more machines with the integration of FPZ machine

Operation of the machine

A fixture is placed on vertically positioned clamping device. In the pick-up procedure, the workpieces are driven from the pallet system into the processing area. Different spindle subassemblies are placed in the processing chamber. By passing the slug from tool to tool, individual technological operations are executed to the subsequence determined by the recorded in the NC program. During each individual processing time, automatic exchange and preparation of tools is taking place on at least one spindle subassembly.