From an idea
to the finished product

We are an experienced builder of custom solution oriented capital investment equipment. 


UNIOR Special Machines is a supplier of flexible machining equipment for middle and large production series. 

Machine concepts and machining technologies are designed in accordance with specific customer requirements.

Our manufacturing program is based on years of experience, in the automotive industry and offers a wide range of machine concepts:

  • Turn-key solutions for specific machining requirements
  • Flexible, existing machine concepts adapted per customer’s preferences
  • Various existing machine concepts to choose from for the machining of the reference workpieces

Our production equipment enables you to achieve:

  • Short machining cycles
  • Innovative technology
  • High productivity
  • Reliable operation
  • Tight tolerances
  • Stable machining process
  • Low Total Cost of Operation/Life-Cycle Costs
  • Energy efficiency

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UNIOR Special Machines – The Best Machining Solution!